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Software development powerhouse

VITech is a software development company with deep expertise in the healthcare industry. Successfully working with healthcare giants and midsize businesses since 2007.
Our mission is to apply broad experience and skills to support millions of people worldwide in achieving a better quality of life by delivering technological excellence in the digital health sector.
Besides undergoing various trainings, our engineers are also fully HIPAA-certified to ensure the highest levels of security and privacy protection of patients’ health records in every solution we deliver.
Industry expertise:
• Clinical trials solutions
• EHR/EMR development
• Medical image analysis
• Medical data analysis
• Medical software integration
• Chronic diseases management
• System stability and data safety
Why work with VITech:
• Expertise & technologiesOur team is focused on technologies that allow delivering top-notch software solutions, building reliable and secure products. VITech engineers are skilled in applying a wide variety of programming languages, frameworks, and libraries. Moreover, we are constantly improving and expanding our competency by deepening already known technologies and acquiring expertise in new areas and tools.
• High-performing teamsVITech is focused on establishing high-performing teams as one of the most important attributes for successful client engagements.
• Predictability & transparencyBeyond technical expertise, we provide user-oriented digital tools and omnichannel experiences for your business that fully meet your requirements. As a result, we can find the correct answers for your every business issue and help to deliver the best products as soon as possible.

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