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Statfinity Pvt. Ltd.

Statfinity Pvt. Ltd.

Distilling your data.

We strongly believes in the quote, "Data is the new oil", though with a slight modification - Data is the new 'crude' oil. Accentuating the word 'crude' here, because data in isolation is good for nothing.
Data needs to be groomed, processed, visualised, rectified, and analysed to find that golden insight which can solve a business problem. That's where our passion & love for Data Science lies!
Built by serial entrepreneurs and graduates from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur, Statfinity leads the pack in Data Science, Business Intelligence and Analytics services.
We have served over 40 clients all over the globe. 🌎 The services we specialise in:
1. Data Visualisation and dashboards building using BI Tools like:
✅Google Data Studio
✅Power BI
✅Zoho Analytics
2. Data Analysis/Machine Learning using:
✅Google Cloud Platform - BigQuery, Dataproc
✅Microsoft Azure - Machine Learning Studio, Synapse
✅Amazon Web Services - Athena, QuickSight
3. Languages used for data analysis:
✅Python (Proficiency in Jupyter/Colab Notebooks)
4. Dedicated Mobile App Analytics:
✅Firebase and BigQuery.
✅Data Studio
5. Qualitative data analysis:
✅Survey analysis using Excel, Google Sheets, etc.
✅Professional report writing
6. Data solutions for Digital Marketing:
✅Facebook Insights
✅Instagram Insights
✅LinkedIn Pages
✅Facebook Ads
✅Google Ads & Analytics
It's time that you start leveraging the power of data and skyrocket your business by uncovering the insights that your data holds.
Please feel free to contacg us if you need help in any of the services mentioned above. We provide complimentary 30 minutes consultation on how you can leverage your data to maximise your business potential. Looking forward to hearing from you!
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