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Software engineering teams that fit your culture

Sombra is a global software development and consulting company with delivery centers in Eastern Europe. We have been in business since 2013. Our clients are mid-sized businesses from North America and the UK.
We can help if you are a startup founder, CTO, Software Development Manager, and Product Manager who is:

seeking to augment in-house development teams with new engineers.

frustrated with cultural and communication issues or poor software quality from an existing vendor.

growing fast, and looking for a reliable development vendor to keep up with the pace.

struggling with engineer turnover and looking to build a long-term relationship with a vendor.

dissatisfied with the English level and time zone overlap of the existing vendor.


Consulting services
Software development services
Team scaling services
Software modernization services


Java, NodeJS, .Net, Python
Angular, ReactJS
Cordova, Ionic, Kotlin/Swift
AWS, GCP, Azure


We hire the most proactive, responsible, and professional engineers. Clients treat our engineers like their own key employees.
Our clients don’t leave us. And the very few that did came back.
No one handles crisis situations better or responds faster. It’s in our DNA.
All our engineers and managers have a high level of English, meaning our clients get to focus on what matters, not how it’s said.
If we can see a better way, we say so. We advise our customers and suggest valuable ideas.
Our corporate culture is based on proactivity and employee learning, with full-time English teachers, a corporate university, and training in working with US businesses.
We have access to skilled talent through an extensive pool of engineers and 6 technical universities in the cities we’re located in.
We offer a more convenient time zone compared to Asia, along with effective workflows for managing time zone differences.
We’re proud of our proven track record in information security compliance.

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