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Not just another BI consulting firm.

Solve combines advanced business intelligence and custom development to build solutions that integrate analytics into your business systems – and help you make intelligent, data-driven decisions. Our embedded, extended and self-service solutions maximize your ability to perform analysis, and minimize (or eliminate) the time you spend on data-aggregation and spreadsheet-wrangling. Talk to us today to learn how BI can improve your insight, increase revenue and enhance efficiency.
Technologies We Use:
We speak business. We speak geek. As certified Microsoft and QlikView partners, we know how to develop and deliver business process and business intelligence applications to all stake-holders in an organization.
The QlikView business discovery platform allows users to interact with data the way people think about data. Its interface is simple and intuitive, with an architecture that facilitates exploration. When we deploy QlikView, we give our customers a natural environment to organize, manipulate, and dig through their data and discover insights that drive business results.
The Microsoft suite of tools helps us deliver powerful business solutions to our customers. We use Microsoft’s SQL Server and .NET Framework to support rich, data-driven applications. The servers are highly structured, high performing and extremely secure. We also build and deploy business intelligence applications within the Microsoft BI stack.Read more...

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