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Accelerate your Digital Transformation

SEQTEK started in Tulsa, OK in 1999 and has been partnering with companies for over 20 years to create custom software development, implement data integrations, and help deliver digital transformations for our partners. We use an Agile methodology to ensure full transparency before, throughout, and after every project. SEQTEK’s goal has remained the same: Help companies build and use technology to increase efficiency and profitability. Our passion as a company is to build our clients software that provides real value. Successful completion is more than getting it done, it is about understanding the problem and providing a solution on time that benefits the organization. We believe in planning the work, and then working the plan.


Finding a company that can help implement a digital transformation strategy can be difficult. Outsourcing software development services requires trust, technical expertise, and a high degree of understanding. Software projects are difficult, costly, and oftentimes mystical to those that don’t understand the needs behind the scenes, which is why we commit a full-time Product Owner (manager) to each of our clients, work closely with all stakeholders, provide our clients full transparency into the project and continuously show working software code every two weeks through our stakeholder demos. At the end of our projects, we deliver completed software solutions for your business so that you don’t need to rely on us for long-term maintenance. We love the motto, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”  We live in a highly competitive, results driven world.  Our passion for people and technology allow us to be the technology leader in the Midwest.  Read more...

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