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Your End-to-End Digital Service Partner

Build software with people who care as much as you do.   

Pentalog – An Agile Services Platform 

Pentalog is a global IT services platform that helps customers design, build and grow their digital futures. We source top-level talent with the skills needed to accelerate product delivery and seize business opportunities.  

Our global presence includes 15 offices in Europe, Asia and the Americas, with 1,600+ software engineers and digital professionals.  

Digital has been the core of Pentalog since 1993, when five classmates decided to build a new kind of company. This entrepreneurial drive remains embedded in our culture and defines our DNA, a company committed to learning from the market and anticipating customer needs.   

Top 5% Engineering and Agile Talent  

Pentalog provides pre-vetted profiles within flexible service models to staff hard-to-fill software engineering and innovation projects:  

Managed Teams - Launch an agile team with the engineering and digital skills needed to scale products and services.​ 

Extended Teams - Add capacity to accelerate delivery with pre-vetted talent, full-time Pentalog employees or freelancers.​ 

Consulting Services - Work with top-level experts to advance innovation or growth initiatives. ​ 

With software production centers in Mexico, Romania, Moldova, Poland and Vietnam, we give companies options to move, scale or add redundant software teams as needed. 

Software Development Services for Creators and Leaders 

Pentalog provides custom digital services empowering clients to deploy business-critical software and bring new ideas to life. 

We cover the digital product life cycle with a suite of high-impact services tailored for each phase, from innovation to growth to maturity, letting clients access the right expertise when they need it and how they need it. 

Services include custom software development, DevOps, security engineering, solution architecture, technical audits, UX/UI design, product strategy, Agile transformation, and more. Read more...

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