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Nankai University Chuangyuan Information Technologies Co., Ltd.

Nankai University Chuangyuan Information Technologies Co., Ltd.

IT Company in China

Nankai University Chuangyuan Information Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in December of 2000, with a registered capital of 30 Million RMB and a branch office in Japan, as well as more than 600 employees.

Chuangyuan has formulated a development strategy mainly to explore the Japanese market by combining its own advantages. With 20 years of persistence, we have won the trust of our clients and long-term stable strategic partnerships. We have developed hundreds of development projects in financial field for Japanese insurance, securities, banking, etc. together with our clients, accumulated rich experience in software development projects from Japan, improved technologies, cultivated talents, and built up a team with competitive power.

With the steady development of traditional business, we are more confident to explore new business and technology fields, such as cloud platform application, automated factory, AI research and development, IOT, etc.

The development of the company is people-oriented, and the development of employees is one of the purposes of human resource management, providing employees with a perfect training system, perfect career development channels, good compensation and benefits, and an ideal working environment.



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