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Convergence to the Cloud

At Locuz, we specialize in Cloud led Digital Transformation - offering - Cloud Migration, DevOps, Hybrid Data Management, purpose-built Data platforms, Cyber Security, and AIOps. With delivery centers based on global standards and certifications for CloudOps, AIOps, and SecOps; our customers are saving up to 50% of their annual spending.
Unlock your full Digital potential using our two-plus decades of experience in managing large and complex systems used in Space Mission and Tsunami Warning or the world’s largest media and telecom companies outsourcing thinking, strategy, and operations to us. You tap into unmatched experience and capabilities by partnering in -

CloudOps – Navigate through the pitfalls of the Cloud. Start saving with improved governance and management of Cloud estate. 20% savings in year 1 on your Cloud bills, guaranteed.
SecOps – Highly mature processes, tools, and standards with Zero Trust as the foundation, our customer's mean-time-to-detection is reduced to half, delivering SaaS or on-prem MDR capabilities. (SIEM/SOAR)
HPCOps – As established leaders in the industry for the past 20 years, we offer comprehensive solutions for High-Performance Computing, high-performance storage, and application parallelization. 
DigitalOps – A business-centric approach to Managed Services, enabling our customers to harness the power of Intelligent Automation and Processes disrupting MTTR averages, leading to upwards of 40% savings.

Our engineered platforms like ClouTor, CONQUO, and GANANA significantly improves the journey.Read more...

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