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iTBlueprint Solutions Inc.

iTBlueprint Solutions Inc.

Strategic Technology Solutions

Founded in 2004, IT Blueprint serves customers in British Columbia and their operations all over Canada and the United States. We take pride in delivering IT solutions comprised of cloud services and best in class hardware and software, with successful implementation assured by our strong professional services team. We take care to provide our Government and Corporate clients with solutions that are Scalable and Efficient with an eye to future business requirements in the context of an evolving technology landscape.


Our value lies in offering tailored solutions using the optimum mix of proven technologies that address immediate issues while keeping a clear vision of the impact evolving technologies will have in the future. Our differentiator is that IT Blueprint is research active, testing emerging vendors and technologies in our lab to fully vet them.  We design solutions predicated on fully vetted products, including interoperability testing before deploying to customer environments.  In brief, we architect best in class solutions that can be successfully implemented in the customer environment.


Each organization has unique challenges and ambitions. IT Blueprint tables the optimal solution by understanding our client’s business and technical objectives. We leverage our strong vendor partnerships to improve, or even revolutionize, an organization’s IT platform.  Coupled with our best in class Professional Services, we deliver tailored solutions that mitigate cost impacts while improving IT’s value to their organization.


Simply put;  IT Blueprint sees beyond the obvious. We stay current with vendors, while seeking out emerging technologies and testing them in our lab.  We strive to take complex problems and address them with proven solutions that drive out complexity and provide real world value.Read more...

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