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Smart Contract Audits, Pentests, Bug Bounty

Founded in 2017, by security specialists and hackers to deliver cybersecurity
solutions in the blockchain.
Hacken is the market leader in cybersecurity and is on a mission to make Web 3.0 a safer place.
Since its inception, cybersecurity and privacy have been essential features for us to focus on, and we partnered with 800+ crypto/blockchain companies including VeChain,, KuCoin, CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and Avalanche to name but a few.
We are trusted by CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Hacken certification is accepted as a Web 3.0 security standard, meaning a secured blockchain application was probably secured by us.
By market capitalization, Hacken has been rated 3rd among the Top Five cyber security firms, and shares partnerships with 80 brands, including Solana Foundation.
As of date, Hacken has helped protect users’ assets worth more than $10 billion for over 700 projects in its growing portfolio.
Hacken has been mentioned in the media including the Washington Post, Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg, Forbes, and Wired, Inc.
Hacken is working on being your one-stop blockchain-security solution and is currently working on developing the infrastructure of the Web 3.0 security market.
Specialist Services We Offer

Smart Contract Audits
Penetration Testing
Layer 1 Protocol audit
Bug Bounty

Technology Covered

Polygon Smart Contract Audit

Avalanche Smart Chain Audit

Ethereum Contract Audit

Fantom Smart Contract Audit

BSC Smart Contract Audit

Blockchain Protocol Audit

Solana Contract Audit

Formal Verification


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