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World"s top tech talent teams managed by you

GT was founded in 2019 by four tech entrepreneurs with backgrounds in startups, Apple, Nest & Google. GT provides clients with offshore product teams from CEE, a product development studio & data science services.

We worked with founders of high-growth startups and over 40 CTOs to understand exactly what's needed to support an aggressive roadmap within a high-growth business. Our clients raised over $300M in funding and grew their teams 5x on average since the start of their partnerships with GT.

Our clients range from early-stage startups to corporations with over 50M customers. We help you select the right model for your particular goals. 

Model 1: Extended Team: Long-term, custom-selected dedicated team of engineers managed directly by you with a flexible roadmap

What it’s got:

Focus on building and retaining a team
Average time to launch 6 weeks
HR, payroll, benefits, recruitment & office included 

Model 2: Project team

What it’s got: 

Focus on delivering developed software
Average time to launch 1 week
PM, recruitment & office included

Also, we offer Product Development and Studio services and provide our clients with Data and Insights.Read more...

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