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Custom Software House | Web and Mobile Development

Exoft is a software house with a significant background in providing solutions for business demands.
Our team of IT professionals first met together in 2013 and it has grown to more than 80 team members since that time. Today, we have a vast experience in developing software systems of different types and levels of complexity. Please see our case-studies as proof of that.
Having identified Microsoft technologies as the most suitable for complex, scalable, and flexible systems, our team puts the main focus on .NET. We have also gained brilliant results with ASP.NET technology, building applications and systems for commercial and non-profit organizations.
However, our technical expertise also covers Java, Angular, React, Xamarin and Swift.
To ensure the success of every project and reach client satisfaction, we always use transparency, security, accessibility, and rationality as our basic principles. Before writing the first line of code, our dedicated teams try to grasp the business logic behind requirements. We go beyond the scope to see the big picture and understand the practical value a particular product can bring to its users. Besides, all our team members become reliable business partners for their clients. This means that we not only perform the tasks but also make suggestions and give advice to build the best digital solution and drive the development process.
In addition to software development, our company provides professional quality assurance services to detect any bugs before the system gets to its users. On top of that, our support team consisting of a business analysts, UI/UX designers, and project managers will advise on a project as an input into our further cooperation.
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