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Convverge, Inc.

Convverge, Inc.

Engage a data culture to drive your business.

It’s common knowledge that organizations are most successful when motivated people work together towards a common goal. At Convverge, our goal is to equip those people – your people, with the right tools and systems to work better together and with your data.We help companies achieve greater profitability and growth by leveraging Microsoft Technologies that bring people and information together to make better decisions, faster. When you can make faster, more informed decisions for your business – it’s a beautiful thing.Through the delivery of our software and services, Convverge focuses on power software, with a stunning user experience (UX); faster.Powerful SoftwareWork together with a team of top-talent project managers, business analysts, solution architects, developers, trainers, and support staff who connect Microsoft enterprise technology solutions and people in a remarkable way.Stunning UXBring all of your data, documents and people together and create great change. When it’s all working and pointing in the right direction the results are fascinating. We pay attention to the smallest details as they are a valuable asset that goes to work for your business.FasterIn working closely with hundreds of successful companies, we’ve developed an accelerated method for solution delivery and realized ROI.Read more...

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