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Carden IT LLC

Carden IT LLC

IT Support You Can Trust

Carden IT’s team of experts come from a variety of IT backgrounds. All our members, from project managers to cloud computing engineers to system administrators, pride themselves on being able to provide solutions for a range of IT issues. We recognize and speed, simplicity and security are the primary requirements for a business’ IT. Our aim is to provide you with the applications, hardware and most importantly the technical expertise you need to run your business and maximize your potential.
With expert technical knowledge and decades of combined experience, our support team can guide your company through each IT decision it takes. We can advise on sourcing suppliers, implement best practices for cybersecurity, help with choosing the best cloud provider, determine user policies to keep your customer’s data safe – all while keeping on top of the steady flow of minor IT issues that any modern company faces day-to-day.
In addition to these services our urgent support helpdesk is staffed Monday to Friday by skilled, Microsoft qualified IT technicians and we also offer extended 24/7/365 support hours on request.Read more...

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