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Business Data Miners

Business Data Miners

Managed analytics saves you money

We are experts in creating real value for clients through the use of data analytics and help clients assess data needs and opportunities. 
Business Data Miners takes the worry out of analyzing and understanding your data. We manage the process of data preparation and analysis, data modeling, and integration into your ongoing operations. Our dashboards and web reports provide timely insights that allow your company to more easily communicate and collaborate both internally and externally. Our solutions and services have saved our clients hundreds of millions. They include:

Credit risk management: Statistical models for mortgages, car loans, bad debt, credit scoring, account churn, and risk charts to aid decision making
Data Analytics: Analyze client data to identity underlying hidden patterns to increase competitive advantage, e.g., customer loyalty analyses, product cross-sell modeling, and sales forecasting.
Fraud prevention: Automated decision models to assist identity checking, credit/debit card transaction fraud, cards breached, check deposit fraud, claims fraud, internal fraud
Social media analytics: Statistical analysis to support marketing and customer service activities

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