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Delivering software that helps businesses to grow

Our agile team of skilled professionals can build custom software that increases productivity and help businesses to grow. We gathered professionals with a diverse skill set who deliver great results that outperform the expectations of our customers.
Our main value is to deliver the product with great external and internal quality. By external quality, we mean the ability of software to fulfill all the requirements and bring maximum benefit to our customers. Internal quality is the capacity to change and evolve easily to fit a moving business environment.
We cover a full cycle of software development and provide:

Consulting & Product design
UI/UX design
End-to-end web development
ETL processing
Big Data analytics
Professional analytical dashboards

Technologies that we use:

Java, Hibernate, Spring, Spark, Flink, Kafka, Flume
Tableau, Google Data Studio, Power BI
Python, AirFlow, Dagster
Postgres, ClickHouse
Angular, Typescript, Ionic,
AWS, Azure, GCP


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