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Appsilon | R Shiny | Machine Learning

Appsilon | R Shiny | Machine Learning

Enterprise R Shiny & Computer Vision Solutions

Appsilon builds the world’s most advanced enterprise R Shiny applications, with a specialization in enterprise Shiny dashboards. Fortune 500 companies trust Appsilon to build custom Shiny apps, scale PoCs, improve Shiny app performance, and enhance dashboard UI.We're also a pioneer in Shiny open source. Our R packages are actively used by global organizations such as Merck, Johnson & Johnson, WHO, Ubisoft, Bank of America, and Renault.Appsilon is a proud RStudio Full Service Certified Partner. We can deploy your data products with RStudio Server Pro, RStudio Connect, or RStudio Package Manager. Overall, we have the expertise and ability to assist all project stages with advanced decision support systems and ongoing support for servers and infrastructure.Above all, we are committed to making a positive impact on the world. Through our Data For Good initiative, we routinely contribute our skills to projects that support the preservation of human life and the conservation of biodiversity.Let's talk.Read more...

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